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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fa-la-la-la-la Friday

Even though it is December and Christmas is fast approaching I am still waiting to get into the spirit of things. I've bought a few presents, the kids are done but still plenty of shopping to do with no idea of what I am getting anyone.  I used to be one of those people who had their tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  Of course that was before I went back to work full-time and my kids were involved in everything under the sun. I wish this time of year didn't feel so rushed.  I used to dream of having multiple Christmas tress up in my house each with a different theme.  I actually pulled it off a couple of years.  Now I dread the stack of boxes that greet me when it comes time to decorate.  So on that note, I guess I better get into the spirit before Christmas passes me by.  The kids and I will have to get busy decorating this weekend.  Maybe just maybe one of these years it will go back to how it used to be.  Hopefully it just happens before I am a grandma LOL.  Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How do you do it?

How do you bloggers find the time or remember to post something?  I feel like I always have a million things running around in my brain and no time to write them down.  Well at least the stuff I think is worth writing down.  I've been thinking maybe I should just open blogger every morning and leave it open.  Maybe I will be inspired or find the time to post.   Believe it or not, I put off many things in my life because I would rather be reading.  Nerd Alert I know.  With that being said, it's time for a coffee refill.  Nothing more coherent will come out of my brain until I am fully caffeinated.