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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Start of Something New

OK so I might be one of the last people on earth to have a blog. Whatever I am here now and that is all that counts. I have put off creating my own blog for a few reasons.

#1 My Dear husband already thinks I spend too much time in "The Cave"
#2 I wasn't sure how good I would be at keeping it updated
#3 I am inseparable from my computer as it is

Ok so maybe #1 and #3 go hand in hand.

But here I am. Are you ready for me and all my cave postings?


Terri said...

You'll do fine Nicole!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!

Stacey said...


The Wuthrich Family said...

LOL on the cave! that got my giggling! That statement gets said a lot around here too.

Your blog looks great! welcome to the world of blogging!

madelineas said...

Welcome to blogg land Nic. I'm ready for you, bring it on. Smart you put the word verification on.

kmmiller said...

welcome to the blogging world Nicole. you will love it

Jen Stewart Photography said...

Hey Nicole! As everyone has said before me, welcome to the world of blogging! I'm looking forward to seeing your updates, and I've already added your blog to my RSS Feed :)

Ali said...

You go Nic! :) You know I love all your projects and you'll do great. Have fun with it! And...certain lil girl just saw a certain someone's picture and is now running through the house saying "Cole.Cole.Cole..."

Jens Place said...

Hi Nicole!

jenjohnson from SWG