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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On a Roll

Twice in one week. You all are probably thinking its about time! LOL. Anyways we took Jeffrey to the bowling ally yesterday to celebrate his 7th birthday. It was a ton of fun and I didn't even bowl. Next time. When we got home I asked the birthday boy what he wanted mom to make for his birthday dinner. All he wanted was egg noodles with alfredo sauce. Easy enough! Gotta love a simple guy. He is like his dad when it comes to dinner. They don't want or need a big 3 course meal. Whew!! LOL. So I am totally pooped today at work and not able to slow down yet. Our Crab Feed is this weekend for my sorority. So I will have one more super busy weekend before I get another break. HOWEVER I did get some more projects done this weekend. Simple stuff but it felt good to have something new down on a page.

The first one is from our cruise to Ensenada for our conference with sorority, the second one is of Jeffrey and my SIL Melissa at Christmas with Jeffrey's new nerf guns.

Both lines are from Reminisce(Flirt and Genuine Boy).. Have a great day!


Michon said...

Loved these both when I saw them in the gallery Nic!
Don't you love bowling? We have the lanes with the gutter guards, my 6 yr old tied me last time! :0

The Wuthrich Family said...

cute layouts Nicole...glad to hear you are getting some time to scrap.

The Wuthrich Family said...

Hey I just tagged you :) check out my blog for the details :)