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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ok starting off small

I've been thinking for awhile now about my blog. I knew that it was in need of some serious attention. I had even considered just taking it down. I originally started this blog when I was busy scrapping all the time. Work however has kinda made scrapping hard. Not to mention that I now have two kids who are involved with school and sports. Blogging and scrapping have been pushed to the bottom of the priority barrell. I have this horrible habit of starting stuff, being super hooked on whatever it may be and then I fizzle out. I find something new and sparkly to get my attention. I always thought I had a great attention span, always finished what I started, however after 30+ years I am starting to think otherwise. I guess knowing that is a good step in the right direction. Yea whatever...

SO here I am, updating you about myself. I have decided to change the blog from a scrapping blog to a all thing's Pealer blog. Or maybe I should say I am updating myself. It's been so long since I updated all I hear are crickets around here. Here 'em?

Ok, now that I got all that crap out of the way... An actual update about what is up with the Pealer Family. Yesterday was my Sister-in-Law's Birthday. She is busy celebrating in San Diego with her man. Tomorrow is MY man's Birthday. Jeff gets to celebrate his birthday with the kids soccer games and Pizza. He already got himself a shiny new toy to play with. We bought a new PS3 last weekend for his birthday. Then we continue the party on Sunday with a softball double-header aka party time.

I think I will leave off here. Don't want to bore all you, who ever may be reading with too long a post. Have a great weekend crickets. Chirp Chirp..

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madelineas said...

The blog looks good Nic, like the colors a lot