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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gymboree Rocks

So yesterday I got the email for the peel a prize or whatever they call it at Gymboree. They gave me 20% off. Well I know that they give out the peels at the store too. So yesterday I HAD to go to the mall for something else. I stopped by Gymboree when I was done at Macy's. The clerk handed me a peel a prize card and I got a 50% off coupon. I was so excited I think I actually jumped up and down a couple of times. I am a Dork I know. So I frantically shopped for more items. I only had about 10 minutes to be in and out of the store. If you shop there you know 10 minutes just is not enough time. I still managed to spend $60+ after my discount. It really made my day. Sad really, but I do love me some shopping :)

Here are just a few of the things I got yesterday

I almost had a LO started last night but Steph called to go walking. I figured I needed to get some walking in. Haven't been very good about the exercise recently. So by the time we got home from our walk So You Think You Can Dance was on. Scrapping will have to wait LOL.


bruinbr said...

i love shoppers surprises like that! The clothes are adorable too! :)

Anonymous said...

Those closes are so cute Nic ! I love SO you Think You can Dance too !!!!
I will be scrapping this weekend , yay ! I hope you get to also !
Have a great one !

Leslie Ashe said...

oh my goodness your finds at Gymboree are SO CUTE!!!!!
Hope you have a GREAT weekend you cute girl!

Charissa74 said...

You found some good stuff! I've been watching SYTYCD too-I'm so excited for the competition to start next week. said...

totally cute clothes!!

kmmiller said...

cute stuff. I like that store as well. I would have jumped up and down a few times too. lol

Morgan said...

We get almost all of Ari's clothes at Gymboree, the girls things are so much cuter though!