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Monday, June 30, 2008

How embarassing!

Three Weeks!!! That's how long I have neglected my poor blog. Bad blogger, bad bad blogger! So Sorry. June just exploded on me I guess. Well here we are at July (almost) and hopefully things will slow down. I only have 2 more weeks on probation at work. Yay! Can you believe I have been back to work for 6 months already? I guess I can't complain about my job because the time has really flown by.

So I guess I have lots to share since I have been so lax with the updates. Lets see first off, Jeff and I are gonna be taking a mini- vacation in September to celebrate our 9th anniversary. We are headed to Los Angeles to see a Nascar race ( yes I like Nascar), then to Disney for the day with NO KIDS! Jeff just thinks thats weird but I have always wanted to go with just him and I. Not like my kids have never been. We will probably take them again around Christmas time. Ok ok back to the trip. Then Jeff and I will be headed to Vegas for 3 days. We will actually be in Vegas on our anniversary. This will be our 3 rd anniversary trip to Vegas. The first time we went was for our 1 year anniversary and I was pregnant with Jeffrey. NOT the way to go to Vegas. LOL. So anyways I am really excited to go on vacation. It's not what I thought we would be doing this year but I am still super excited.

On to some scrappy news. I am happy to announce that I have made the Crop Addict Creative Team! I am so excited to be joining such a wonderful site. Not to mention that I am on the creative team with another scrapper that was on the first DT I was ever on. So a quick shout out to Marti! Glad to be working with you again! So come visit me at

I have one new LO that I have not posted here yet. Did this for a contest over at CMK. You had to scrap your weakness. LOL. I have a couple other projects and photos that I want to share but I don't have them uploaded yet. So maybe later this week. If you managed to get thru all this, YOU ROCK! Thanks for visiting, and happy Monday!


Renee Lamb said...

congrats on your 9 year anny and I have to say that Disney will be a whole new experience without kids! y'all will have a blast! and the whole vacation sounds like awesome and fun! DH and I got married in Vegas and can't wait to get back to celebrate of one our anny's there. I hope y'all have a blast!
BIG CONGRATS on making the crop addict creative team! what a great addition you'll be over there and I loved that layout for the LSS challenge!

Michon said...

oohhh!! Macy's! that is a scarier weakness than mine. LOL Mine will just put weight on not bankrupt me! LOL
Love the layout! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog! I am so excited to start working together more closely Nicole!

Danielle Holsapple said...

COngrats on your scrappy news! And your trips sound fun!!!!

madelineas said...

Coongrats on the creative team and I love the black and red in your LO.
You anniversary vacation sound great. Enjoy and stay safe