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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can't concentrate on work!

Really I am sitting here thinking of only one thing. When can I get back to my book. So most of you have had to have heard of the Twilight Series. If not, what rock are you living under?? Ok I already read all 3 books. I have preordered #4 and patiently waiting the 10 days before it shows up in my mailbox. And NOW I am re-reading all 3 before Breaking Dawn gets here. I was obsessed the first time I read them and now second time around I think it is worse. How is that? I have never re-read a book in my life. Ok maybe once or twice but I could not tell you what they were. And to top it off they released a new trailer to the movie that is coming out in December. Check it out here For those of you whom maybe just maybe have no clue what I am talking about check this site out Ok sorry for the rant. I'm obsessed, I cannot help it. And I know you are too! :)


Lauren said...

uh oh...I've never heard of it. I'm off to check it out. You have my attention...:)

Raechelle said...

I feel your pain... I was like this with Harry Potter. This series is on my list, I keep saying it's my next read. Maybe soon.
10 days will be here in no time. ;0

Leslie Ashe said...

Oh girl I'm feeling the pain with you!!!!!!!!

I can't WAIT either!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed too ! DD read them all first actually and i have just started recently but im hooked and cant wait to get done , and i know book 4 will be out SOOOO soon ! Thanks for the trailer clip ! I heard about the movie !

Have a great week !
Jenn :)