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Friday, October 2, 2009

Growing way too fast

Well Happy Friday my Crickets. Hope you had a great week. I get to end my week with a hair appointment. Nothing better than spending a few moments on yourself. Go treat yourself to a Mani or pedi! Those are always worth every penny.

Speaking of hair, Jamie's hair has gotten so long and she will not cut it for anything. She actually learned how to put her hair into a pony tail in the last couple of weeks. Not sure how she figured that out. I didn't teach her. I came home from work and she said "look Mommy, I can do my own ponytail". How pathetic is it that this moment made me so proud. Must be because she is a girl and she is my baby and she is growing up so so fast. Her 6th birthday is creeping up on me. I don't like that.

It's funny the little thing's that make you proud of your kids. And the differences between what things make you proud with a boy vs a girl are crazy. Obviously I wouldn't get excited if my son proudly announced he could put his hair in a ponytail. His ponytail moment was probably more like learning to tie his shoes when he was little. However he now feels like he doesn't need to tie/untie them when he wears them. I blame his Dad for that one. Jamie hasn't accomplished this little milestone yet, but she doesn't really own shoes that have laces. She is all girl and wants super girly shoes. Girls are all about slip ons and buckles.

I leave you with a pic of Jamie from her first day of Kindergarten. Yes my baby is in big girl school and she loves every minute of it. I will post more on that on another day.

You see how long it is? Jamie and Ashley before they got on the bus


AEC said...

My little sister Natalie had long hair all through her childhood too. She wouldn't let anyone touch it. It got to the point where if anyone did touch it, even to say "OH how pretty" she'd cry. That's when my mom chopped it off. NOT totally, but she gave it a good cut. Now Natalie's hair is shorter than yours! LOL!

Michon said...

They grow so fast! Just wait till she is 16 like mine and wanting to drive you everywhere! AAAHHHHH!

Kelly said...

Who cares about her hair? That is one slammin' pink outfit she's got on! I love how the stitching in her jeans matches her top! hehehe

She's adorable Nic. Good share. AND, I'm glad to see you bloggin again.

madelineas said...

Nic I hope you are watching Jamie real close because that is you growing up girl. She is adorable and I love her long hair. Maybe if you tell her the ends will split and look funny if she doesn't get it trimmed a little it would help