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Monday, April 25, 2011

A little bit of this and a litte bit of that.

Well I guess my email reminders turned off being that it has been a month since I last posted.  So I guess you will get the abbreviated version of this last month.  Let's go backwards from yesterday on.  Yesterday (Easter) started off way too early for my liking.  No it was not because my kids woke me up excited to see what the Easter Bunny had been up to.  It was because my dear husband forgot to turn his alarm off for WORK.  So at promptly 4:45 AM yesterday I was woken up by the horrible sound of the Alarm clock.  Granted I knew it would be an early day but not THAT early.  The kids searched for eggs, or should I say raced around the house looking for eggs.  I think their hunt was over in 1 minute.  Kids are more fun to watch looking for Easter Eggs at 2,3,4 years old than what my kids are at 7 and 10.  That being said they are still cute! 

Jamie however likes to let her hair go wild.  We weren't going anywhere so I let it be.  No curls and Easter hat for this girl.  The boys went fishing in the morning and the girls hit the spa.  Nice relaxing morning.

Last weekend we were at my parents celebrating my sister Katie's 27th Birthday.  We had lots to drink.  Had a bonfire and played Easter Egg Pinata Baseball.  I am sure you are thinking "what?"  Well the pinata holder broke off the top so we taped it up and started a baseball game or more like batting practice.

Katie, April and I after a round of batting practice.  It was a ton of fun.  I think Katie wants to do that every year. 

The Pealer's have been consumed with Baseball and Softball.  Our schedule has one or the other at least 5 times a week and more ofter 6 days a week.

This is Jamie's first year of softball.  I love coaching this level. 

Jeffrey is once again on the Giants.  The team had beards for opening day.  Loved this. 

This is the kids before their first games of the season.

And lastly but not least today marks two months that I have been Gluten-free.  I love that my kids read the labels on things now too to see if Mom can have whatever it is.  I think I have eaten some miniscule amounts of gluten on accident a few times because I have had a couple days where my wrist and hips hurt like they did before I was diagnosed.  Thankfully it is not bad enough to keep me from work.  I am ready for Spring and my birthday.  Birthdays don't scare me anymore.  At least they don't right now in my mid 30's. 

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