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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just another Rainy Day

The rain here in Norcal has been ridiculous.  Week after week of rain and wind.  It has postponed all of baseball for a good couple weeks for the kids teams.  I hear sun is around the corner.  This morning we were supposed to have two games but the weather cancelled those right quick.  Today was a Saturday that Jeff had to work, so it was just the kiddos and I.  We all stayed in our PJ's and chilled around the house.  I haven't had a completely free Saturday is so long.  After I caught up on Grey's Anatomy I decided it was time to dust of the old scrap supplies.  As you can see above I scrap however since going back to work the amount of time I can dedicate to scrapbooking has become next to nothing.  I know there are plenty who think scrapbooking is a joke but I love it.  I love being creative and capturing those special moments that my family has experienced.  What I created today is by no means anything extra special but it felt good just to get my hands dirty.  I haven't even bought any of the new stuff that is out.  I couldn't even tell you what new lines are out.  I remember when I counted down the days to new releases and promptly hit up the scrap store or logged on to my favorite online retailer to snatch it all up before it was all gone.  I have more than enough scrap supplies to last me YEARS.  Yes as in multiple years, but any scrapper worth their weight in cardstock knows getting your hands on new stuff is very inspiring.  Heck I haven't even printed off any news pics either.  Thankfully some of my family members have printed doubles from recent events.  Here are just a few things I created today.  Like I said, nothing spectacular but still something is better than  nothing.

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