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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes, Tsunami's and Gluten Free Pizza

So unless you live under a rock you know that today Japan had a Ginormous Earthquake which then caused a Ginormous Tsunami that reached all the way to the West Coast.  Scary stuff, I really feel for the people of Japan.   The dumb ass who was washed out to sea in Cresent City?  Not so much, maybe for his family but how stupid do you have to be?  With that being said which I know is kinda harsh, I had a good day all things considered.  I went to Target at lunch to grab a birthday present for the neighbor boy and browsed through the food aisles for a minute. I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few gluten free products on the Target shelves.  I bought a gluten free pizza dough mix.  I came home this evening and tried it.  I made a pizza with Roma Tomato's, Mozzarella, red onion and ham.  It was pretty good.  Worth eating again.  The crust was very thin, kind of like Papa Murphy's De-lite pizza's but it was good enough that I can get my pizza fix in and not feel like I am eating something other than pizza.  Best part is my kids LOVED it.  So WINNING.  LOL.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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