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Saturday, March 19, 2011


My life has recently had some major changes to it if you have been reading any of my previous post.  It is a life long lifestyle change.  My recent diagnosis has significant meaning to me more than just my change in diet.  I strongly suspect that my grandmother more than likely had the same thing as me but Celiac's was not something that was really tested for 11 years ago. She died from colon cancer at the age of 67. Way before she should have.  Intestinal Cancers are only one side effect that I would be prone to if I did not eliminate gluten from my diet permanently .   I am someone who has always wanted a tattoo since before I graduated high school but have not gotten one in the 15 years since.  I'm glad I never got anything I have considered in the past.  However I think I am at a point in my life where I am ready and have a significant reason to.  To me it would symbolize change, rebirth, and a reminder of what was and what will be .  To be strong no matter what I might face in the future. I know that tattoos are not for everyone and I am more than aware that it is a permanent decision.  I know there are some people who may not agree with me but then again they are not in my shoes. The hubs supports this decision and that is who matters most to me.  He has been a huge support to me this last month which has reminded me daily how much I love him :)

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