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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drawing a blank

I have set a reminder for me every day at work to come here and share. It pops up on my screen every hour or so. I hit snooze on my reminder all day because I just could not think of anything that I thought was worth sharing. However late the in day I was feeling extremely positive even though I physically was not having a great day. I know I will have my up and down days as I adjust to my new life/diet style. The last two weeks have reminded me over and over again how blessed I am no matter what my situation may be. I have not felt that for a long time and it is a nice change. I think we all need those wake up calls every now and then however they may come to pass. I hope you all are feeling just as blessed. SO that is all for now. Maybe tomorrow something else will pop in my head that I think is worth sharing. Today is just short and sweet.

Oh and this old pic just because she is silly and makes me smile :)

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