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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes Really....

Two days in a row. I figure I have lots of catching up to do.

So yesterday I got to get out of work early because Jeff was stranded in the Grocery store parking lot. His battery finally pooped out in his car and jumping it was not cutting the mustard. So I flew up the highway to go rescue him and then flew over to the school to pick little Jeffrey up. I mean it when I say I flew. Well almost, I was driving fast enough that it sure felt like it. LOL.

When I got to the school I got a chance to talk to Jeffrey's teacher which I don't get to do very often. He had stayed after school to practice his part in a skit some students in his class are doing. Our school district has this thing every winter called the Oral Language Faire. Kids from each grade compete in front of a panel of judges. They act out a story or poem, something along those lines. Each school has one group from each grade that moves on to the district competition. SO anyways, I am really proud of Jeffrey for doing this. Last year his teacher wanted him to do it but he would have been by himself. He was not ready for that. This year his teacher has set up half a dozens kids to work together. She said he was doing great, knew his part and helped keep the other kids on track. Proud Mom can you tell? Remember he is only 7 and last night he performed it for me while I was working on dinner. Very cute! I hope they move on.

Well enough of that. Here are a couple projects that I created over at Crop Addict last month with our Sponsor Tada Creative Studios. Love thier papers

Well thats it for now. I am sure you will be seeing more of me this week!


Anabelle said...

These are wonderful projects. I love the flowers on both of them. Congrats to your son! Hope he continues to do so well.

Leigh said...

Gotta love proud mom moments!
Great work, too, Nic!

janet said...

I hope your son's skit goes well! That sounds great. Love your work!

KimmyS said...

That layout is amazing and the flower on the bookmark is STUNNING