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Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Eyes are NOT deceiving you!

Yes I am here posting. It's been way too long. Pathetic really. I have decided that I am going to mix it up a little, (the blog) from now on. I guess since all of my DT duties have passed and the fact that I have scrapped very little in the last few months has helped in my absence. I always say the beginning of the year is by busiest but here we are in May and things have not slowed down. I guess you get to some point in your life when you have kids where there is no such thing as "time". Guess it just took me a little longer to figure that out.

Well since my last pathetic post here we have had 3 Birthdays. Jamies 5th, Jeffrey's 8th and Mine.

The Birthday Girl

Sorry no Bday Boy pics available at the moment. That is another thing I have been bad about. Taking Pictures. I really need to remember to take my camera with me more places.

The kids are both playing Baseball this year. This is Jamie's first year. She is on an all girls team and she LOVES it. We missed a game recently and she cried because she wasn't going to get to play. Jeffrey is still eating, sleeping and breathing baseball. He stands in the back yard facing the sliding glass door practicing his baseball swing. It is so cute. Another thing I need to get on camera! This last weekend he was in a competition called the "Pitch, Hit and Run" contest sponsored by MLB. He tied with 3 other little boys in the pitching segment so he gets to move on to the next round this coming weekend. He is so excited. I will remember to get pics of this for sure.

Hopefully later this week I can have something Scrappy for you to see. Thanks for visiting after such a long absence by me.


bruinbr said...

your dd is gorgeous!! i have been pretty non-scrappy lately myself, but hopefully a page or 2 is in my future! :) happy belated birthday as well!

Marti said...

OMG Nic she's so adorable in that photo! What a cutie! Happy Belated birthday girl!

Mother's Day sucked, I was sick, but I'm feeling better. Nothing worse than being sick on a special day, but they kids and Tom were great. Hope you had a terrific day!