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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Now on to Christmas!

So where you one of those sale crazed shoppers that went out for Black Friday? I was, but there was NO way I was getting up at 4am to get me a deal. With me still trying to get over being sick, getting up that early and going out into the cold just seemed stupid to me. So I slept in a bit then got up and went and hit the stores. I got a good chunk of my shopping done which was nice. Only took me 12 hours LOL. My body was paying for it today. Things are tighter this year when it comes to how much money I can spend on Christmas. It is a bummer because I love buying gifts for my family and friends. I know I know, it's not about the gifts and it's the thought that counts, but it is still depressing. I guess there is always NEXT Christmas. LOL.

While I was out shopping yesterday I hit up a new scrap store in our general area. It is probably about 40 minutes from me. I have been wanting to check it out since it opened earlier this year but I have not ventured to that side of town in a while. I sure am glad I did yesterday. This store is huge! The owner carries a little bit of everything you could want. PLUS she is supposed to start carrying the ATG adhesive I use. Now that is the most awesome thing ever. I currently have to order mine online and it is a PITA! So now I need to find an excuse to hit that side of town more often!

Today was all about the decorating. Still have lots to do. We started out with letting the kids each have their own Christmas tree this year. Ask me in a week or two if I regret this decision. An almost 4 year old with a tree in her room could be a disaster. LOL Either way Jamie had a ball decorating her Princess tree. Here are a couple pics of that.

Jeffrey got to decorate a tree too. You think he is proud or what?

And Last but not least here is the last Layout I got done. Being sick has not helped my Mojo but I have lots more pics and new supplies that I want to attack. So hopefully you will be seeing a bunch more Layouts in the near future.


Jules said...

darling pictures and your layout is wonderous!

The Wuthrich Family said...

Love those trees! super cute idea!
I was with friday was not for me...early at least...I did do some shopping mostly on the net ;) Great layout too...super cute!

Michon said...

Amazing layout!! I am feeling behind now... no shopping or tree for me yet! Yikes! ;)

Jana Eubank said...

Love the trees and your layout is INCREDIBLE! Love all the layering and great details!

michele said...

nicole!! that LO is beautiful!!
you children are adorable!

Morgan said...

Love the trees! I want to put one in Ari's room too, but he's only 11 months old and wouldn't even know... maybe next year!

Deanna said...

PRECIOUS pictures, and beautiful LO! LOVE it!