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Friday, September 5, 2008

Jamie's first day of Preschool

This girl has been dying all summer to go back to school. She was very disappointed this morning when she found out she does not have school tomorrow LOL. She couldn't wait to wear her new outfit. She proudly stated that she thought her teachers would think she looked cute in her new outfit LOL. She is such a poser. I swear I did not tell her to stand like that LOL.

Well off to a busy weekend. Jeffrey has his first soccer game tomorrow afternoon. Then I have a sorority meeting Sunday evening. Have a great weekend everyone!


Leigh said...

My dd says stuff like that, too! Too cute!!

Kristine Paisley said...

She's a chance to catch up on your blog today girl! Lots (and lots) of cute stuff!! Hugs and hope to see you soon!!

Jennifer said...

She's adorable!!

Leslie Ashe said...

She is so PRECIOUS :)

I hope she had a fun fun day :)

Thank you, sweet girl, for your sweet comments on my blog about Potter :) You're just the kindest person and I had to tell you so!
Hugs to you,

kmmiller said...

she looks so cute.

madelineas said...

She is just adorable Nic..

The Wuthrich Family said... cute! And she wants her photo taken Mom...what could be better!