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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skinny Jeans Tip of the Day!

How about you just don't wear them unless you are built like Kate Moss! I guess not feeling well has me feeling a little testy eh? Seriously though... I really do not like this trend. Only about 1% of women can really pull this look off. And Women like me who have some hips are just $hit out of luck. Don't even get me started on GUYS wearing skinny jeans. Ick! Maybe I should just start pegging my jeans again and wearing double socks! LOL


Leslie Ashe said...

oh now you STOP!! You're so cute - I bet you look like a hottie in skinny jeans!!

BUT I do have to agree with you - will this FAD just DIE???


Thank you sweet girl for your comment about Potter!!! You're always the sweetest thing to me!!
Send me your email address when you get a free sec!
Love ya!

Sarah said...

OMG if you start peggin your jeans I may just fall over from laughter. Either that or think I have just time warped back into the early 90's! lol!

bruinbr said...

LOL! this post is awesome! I am so not a fan of the skinny jean either (for guys or gals!) :P